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Guides to Establish Resilient Networked Partnerships

I'm Erwin Niedeveld

A free-thinker and doer with a great passion for 'learning from the new', 'developing through innovation' and 'achieving impact'.

Driven by my fascination for behaviour and behavioural change, group and system dynamics, I work on complex challenges and wicked problems. I coach and learn people from different disciplines to work together in teams, to learn and innovate together.

A common perspective is always the starting point, taking into account the diversity of everyone's interests, dependencies and sense of urgency. A common perspective fuelled by principles of a wellbeing economy and ecological boundaries.

In roles as transition expert, innovation strategist, programmes designer and coach, I build networked ecosystems where learning and innovation become a natural culture. In doing so, I make grateful use of my background in social pedagogy, education and learning science, leadership and governance skills.

Together, we can tackle complex and wicked problems through 'Real Life Learning'; smart, resilient and inclusive.

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