Smart Makers Education connects education, industry and government for future-oriented, technology-driven maker education in North Holland.



















Smart Makers Education

Smart Makers Education connects education, industry and government for future-oriented, technology-driven maker education in North Holland.


Started in 2016, ongoing


Partner and organizer through Cooperative DOON, co-responsible for program design, training and coaching of professionals, and strategic advice for innovation initiatives during the further development of the 3D MakersZone in Haarlem North Holland.


Smart Makers Education was established as a development program to connect educational institutions, industry, and governments to jointly address societal transition issues and needs for SME's in the Haarlemmer region. The initiative focuses on developing hands-on, technology-driven educational programs and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tasks and Responsibilities

- Design and implementation of innovative programs.

- Design and organization of makathons, and other events connecting new technologies and social innovations applied in the development of practical solutions.

- Training and coaching of participants and professionals from network partners.

Core Values in Practice

Collaboration, innovation, and community engagement are exemplified by involvement in various programs that seek sustainable solutions to complex issues such as water management, climate adaptation, digitlalization and robotization of the manufacturing industry and circular economy.

Impact and Results

- Plastic Free Rivers: A diversity of solution approaches aimed at reducing plastic waste in rivers;

- Water and Nature Management: smart climate adaptation solutions, innovation in water treatment through the use of IT and artificial intelligence, smart climate adaptive water and recreation solutions in the province of North Holland and Wadden Islands;

- Sound-adaptive and circular building: in the Haarlemmermeer, under the runways of Schiphol airport, next to the A4 and international train traffic design opportunities for regional barriers to housing;

Food transition in the care and welfare sector,

- Future-proof shopping in Beverwijk, et cetera

Learning moments

From the initiative phase onwards, during the co-founding phase of the FieldLab, designing and organising a compelling educational and supporting program. A program to bridges the gap between education, business, and government. During the multi- and later interdisciplinary approach and cooperation within the program as well as the separate projects within the program, valuable insights were gained. For us as innovation experts within cooperative DOON, we were able to make smart combinations of disciplines and arrive at especially practical partnerships that do justice to the regional DNA profile with a view to the future. Thus a program eventually emerged consisting of a diversity of differentiated innovative learning contexts.


- Innovation management

- Interdisciplinary project management

- Sustainability and circular economy


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