'Maskerade Prototype', an innovative education and knowledge innovation programme. A turning point in the way we think about sustainable construction and education.

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Maskerade Prototype

'Maskerade Prototype', an innovative education and knowledge innovation programme. A turning point in the way we think about sustainable construction and education.


2013 - 2016 and beyond
Started in 2013, this programme is still having an impact and continues to evolve and make an impact.


Educational leader of the Construction, Installation, Electrical Engineering Construction and Human Technology educational teams. Co-creator and strategic partner in a multi-year programme. As education leader and co-creator, I was the driving force behind both the strategic and tactical aspects together with architect Maarten van der Breggen.


To develop a sustainable construction method that puts the end-user at the centre. With the ultimate goal of realising a prototype developed entirely in co-creation, having it inhabited for several years, monitoring the living experience in the meantime and rebuilding, dismantling and rebuilding elsewhere.

Tasks and Responsibilities

From co-creation with stakeholders such as students and architects, to winning the 2016 Zuid-Holland Sustainability Award, my role was comprehensive. I focused on regenerative collaboration, sustainability, flexibility in design and design of learning and innovation, and was an integral part of the larger ecosystem of Concept House Village. Within the programme, the following tasks and responsibilities emerged explicitly distributed among the entire programme team.

Core Values in Practice

The programme has won several awards in the field of sustainability. And by working together with various stakeholders, a unique and innovative result was achieved, at both product and process level as well as overall knowledge level.  
The programme has also created an innovative narrative in various national and international media.

Impact and Results

From winning prestigious awards to serving as a practical learning platform for students in secondary and higher vocational and scientific education, the impact of this programme is manifold. It has contributed to making the construction sector more sustainable and even influenced the merger process of Albeda and Zadkine study programmes in engineering and technology; Techniek College Rotterdam. Here is a summary of outcomes and impact:

Learning moments

The programme was a treasure trove of learning moments, from the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to understanding circular economy. It also taught us how to adapt the educational curriculum to innovative projects and how to put sustainable building methods into practice. For example, the following key learning moments were gained during the Masquerade project:

Skills developed by participants

The programme has enabled participants to apply and further develop a wide range of skills, including:


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